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All software purchased on this page is yours forever. Payment can currently only be made through PayPal. You do NOT need an account with PayPal to make a payment, you only need a credit card. Your credit card information will never be seen by anyone at Brainormous.

Simply enter your password on the right, check off that you agree with the "usage terms" below then click the download button(s) for the software you've purchased. If you do not see a place to enter your password to the right, your flash plugin is either not current enough, or corrupted. Click this link for Adobe to get the latest plugin. It should only take a few minutes.

If you have any problems or questions about the download process, please go to the
contact page to send an email with your questions.

Usage Terms

Posting of any software developed by or hosted on to the internet for public use is prohibited without the direct permission of the developer (

Sharing purchased copies of any software purchased from is completely prohibited without the direct permission of the developer ( It is also completely prohibited to share your password with anyone or for anyone to use the password for download on computers outside of the allowances of your purchase domain (home, classroom, school).

Resale - No person or organization can distribute software purchsed from for resale without permission of the developer (

Refunds and Technical Requirements
See our Technical Requirements and Refund policy on our help page.

Disclaimer - The developer ( is in no way responsible for any computer problems or malfunctions caused (directly or indirectly) by software purchased from this website. All files have been tested on a both Mac and many PCs platforms.

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