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Worksheet Creators

Need to generate random worksheets on the fly? Look no further. The Worksheet Creators by Brainormous are so loaded with features, you'll never be at a loss for a new worksheet for standard arithmetic again.
  • Answer keys with an ID code for easy organization
  • Random problem generation
  • Editable problems; if you don't like some of the randomly generated problems, simply click on the problem and edit the numbers
  • Graphics (Subtraction and Addition only; color or blackline to save ink)
  • Horizontal and Vertical orientations
  • Random and Ordered problem layout
  • Up to 30 problems per page (24 problems for Division)
  • Up to 3 digit decimals on Division problems
  • Show remainders for Division problems
  • Reverse problem solving (Find the second number in the problem when the answer is given
  • Advanced problems: up to 4 digit numbers (3 digit for Multiplication)
  • Subtraction problems with negative number answers
  • Option to display a numberline at the bottom of the page (Addition and Subtraction only)
  • Option to round the first and/or second number in the problem
  • Option for increased font size
You can use the Worksheet Creator demos online (up to 10 problems for Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication, and 8 problems for Division), or purchase a downloadable version to play offline.





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