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For a quick, fun way to reinforce your arithmetic skills, you can't beat Math-teroid. Gravitational anomalies have caused asteroids to be attracted to the space station. It's your responsibility to keep the station safe as long as possible. Click on an asteroid to get it's incoming coordinates. Solve for the coordinates using the apporpriate math to destroy the asteroid.
  • Fast-paced fun
  • You control what numbers you practice
  • 4 versions: Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction
  • 4 different power-up asteroids
  • Cool sound effects
  • Increasing difficulty as play progresses
Check out the demos below, trying up to 50 problems, or purchase a downloadable version with unlimited problems to play offline on your MAC or PC. Go to the purchase page to find out more.




Downloadable Mac Demos:

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