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Multiplication Products on Amazon

Products at Amazon

As much fun as learning online can be, it's also great to be able to learn on the road or just outside at a picnic table. Here are a few products that I've gathered from Amazon. The each seem to have really good reviews.

"7 x 9 = Trouble"
From Amazon Product Description:
(Book, Grades 2-3) Students who are having difficulty with math will enjoy this lighthearted story about third-grader Wilson Williams who needs to pass all the times-table tests by March 16th in order to get an ice-cream cone from his teacher.

Twist & Shout Twin Pack: Multiplication
From Amazon Product Description:
"It looks like Jedi light sabers, but this unique and colorful toy is actually a snappy way to master multiplication. Create multiplication problems by turning and spinning the dials. Then, with a click of a button, an LCD display screen lets you see and hear the correct answer. Catchy music makes learning fun, and a friendly, cartoonish voice repeats the answer, then encourages and congratulates with each success."

Googol Power: Multiplication Vacation Soundtrack
From Amazon Product Description:
"The award winning Googol Power Math Series combines great MUSIC, an entertaining STORY and LAYERED LEARNING that provides educational FUN for all ages. Listeners will learn about our world, music, art, history and space while practicing math."

Multiplication Unplugged
From Amazon Product Description:
"Catchy melodies, drill, and student involvement make multiplication tables to twelve very memorable. A complement of self-quizzing music tracks allows students to quiz themselves."

Multiplication Wrap Ups
From Amazon Product Description:
"A remarkable and effective learning tool, Learning Wrap-Ups are a self-correcting, hands-on method of learning fraction concepts. They utilize many learning senses and are fun enough that students use them over and over until they master each skill."

Arithmechips Multiplication Game
From Amazon Product Description:
"A strategic mathematical game with instant feedback for the entire family."

Multiplication Pocket Flash Cards
From Amazon Product Description:
"Teacher-created, child-tested cards are ideal for reinforcing basic skills at home or school."

Clever Catch Multiplication
From Amazon Product Description:
"Colorful 24 vinyl balls, an excellent way for children to build math skills."

Learning Resources Multiplication and Division Game Board Book
From Amazon Product Description:
"All-in-One Skill-Building Fun! This colorful book has six fun learning games in one. Easy-to-follow directions quickly get kids playing and learning. Includes all the pieces for 4 up to four kids with a colorful game board that attracts and hold kids' attention. All playing pieces fit neatly in a built-in storage pocket."

Fraper Deck Multiplication
From Amazon Product Description:
"This clever card game takes well-known games like 'War' and 'Concentration' to a whole new level with the simple addition of a multiplication table. FraperdeckTM Multiplication reinforces multiplication facts from 0-12 with five exciting card games (instructions included). Students will sharpen their multiplication skills while having great FUN with this unique card game."

The Iguana Factor Multiplication Game
From Amazon Product Description:
"This game, for two to four young players, combines elements of chance with facts of arithmetic. The result is a fun and absorbing game that reinforces multiplication-table knowledge (from 1 to 10) as players try to connect their path of markers across the board."

Multiplication and Division Math Rods
From Amazon Product Description:
"Snap-together manipulatives make math easier to understand and teach. "

Goose Egg
From Amazon Product Description:
"This is really two games in one! In Goose Egg players choose a numbered card. The objective is to roll the highest number of multiples of that number. Roll a Goose Egg, and you're in trouble! In Scrambled Eggs, the multiples are scrambled. Select a number board (#2-#9), then roll the dice to see if you can survive the first one minute round of play. Now, do you "stay or play" on? Roll too many Goose Eggs (0, 0, 0) and you are egged right out of the game. Be the first to complete your board to win, and yell "Tah Dah!" Roll 'em and weep, or roll 'em and win!"

24 Game: Multiply/Divide Primer
From Amazon Product Description:
"Three levels of challenge. Cards have a self-check feature (answer on back) and offer three levels of difficulty. Easy, 1 Dot cards start with two numbers on each wheel; more challenging 2 and 3 Dot cards have three numbers per wheel. The target numbers for 1 Dot and 2 Dot cards are 3 through 10. The target number for 3 Dot cards is always 24. How to play. Card has two wheels and a white target number. Pick the wheel that makes the target number. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide. Use all numbers on the wheel, but use each only once."

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