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Multiflyer is an award winning computer game built to help anyone trying to learn or brush up on their multiplication skills. Work your way through the solar system, saving outposts on planets and space stations from gravitational anomalies. The game includes:
  • A multiplication grid for help in earlier levels
  • 11 levels
  • Real information about the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  • 3 space stations
  • Correct answer feedback when a problem is answered incorrectly
  • Cool spaceship and space station graphics and sound effects
  • A practice mode where you can choose your multiples (1-12)
  • A points system that rewards for good memorization of facts
  • A comprehensive printable report outlining how the user did on their multiplication problems
You can play Multiflyer free online, or purchase a downloadable version to play offline. The downloadable version runs a little faster than the one online one.


Downloadable Demo

Printable Report

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